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Basic Profile
Age: 32
Birthday: November 13
Sign: Scorpio
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Straight
Country: Cyprus
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5 ft 8 in / 173-174 cm
Weight: 120 lbs/ 54 kg
Bra Size: 32B
Favorite Position:
Eye Color: Hazel eyes
Hair Color: Black Hair
Languages: English
About HypnoticMissLaura

I'm the kind of woman who can open a gate... with her eyes... or brains...  I'm a mix of fire and ice, like a hot summer mixed with a cold winter. I may be a glass of water in the desert... or just a Fata Morgana. ;)

I'm an open-minded and friendly woman that loves  mix the conversations with passionate sex. I love  chat on various topics, share and discover new interesting things.

I'm a good company for a smart gentleman who knows to show his appreciation and who wants to stand out of the crowd. I can be your female friend, your lover, your Mistress or whatever you need at the moment or for a long time.

Just be smart enough to understand that this is my job, even if it's also a pleasure.
It's all about respect. You may be one of the men I really like to spend time with, chatting or playing... or both. Or you can even be my favorite no 1, my special male friend or future lover... who knows. But that doesn't mean I don't have to work anymore... unless you support me. After all, it's about the time spent.... which will influence my mood. I like to chat but I dislike when guys take advantage of this, wasting a lot of time in free chat, without showing any sign of gratitude. You could be my special one only by showing respect for my efforts.

You want to get to know me better? I'm ok with this. As I already wrote above... who knows? But remember this is not a dating site, mainly the models are here to make ,   their own bills, else they would be on a dating site or spending their time who knows where. This is the idea of the site.
Yes, it may happen  find your soulmate here or on any of this kind of site, but if you can't respect a model's job and you are repeatedly wasting her time in free chat, while never adding tokens to your account... do you ever ask yourself.... if all the members were doing the same like you... how that model, who is so "special" to you, will live? With only air?  attention  the other's needs before expecting  be "special"  them! Else, you can't get close enough  be discovered as the good, the right, the special man you think you are. Nobody wants a selfish person around. And don't tell me... "go get a honest job", you are here too and none of us is the person to judge other's reasons.

You are  for your job, I expect the same. If you are one of those who think this can't be called a "job", just stay out of my room. You are on the same site with me, it doesn't matter I'm a model and you a visitor, it's the same thing if we are talking about judging. Although sometimes, hopefully, we like our jobs, we expect to be  for it.

Free chat doesn't mean I'll perform a free show. It doesn't mean either I will spend a lot of time chatting. I  you attention while I don't   others when I spend time chatting with you. It is a common-sense matter  show you are a gentleman and not  wait me  ask you  take me pvt or tip me.
Free chat's meaning is only  see the model's appearance and, eventually, introduce yourself and arrange quickly some basic details for the private session.

Basically, a member pays for the time spent with the model, either chatting or playing, not precisely for showing pussy, ass or whatever.

Don't ask me what  do or not  do in free chat unless you sent me nice virtual gifts for that. Tipping will definitely put a smile on my face, will buy you a flash of some parts of my body eventually, but will not get me naked. There is private for that and I invite you there. I'll always be in a good mood in a private session with you and I'll do my best  make you happy.

You don't have  ask me if you can take me private... just do it. If I'm online, it means I'm willing  have a private session.

Feeling ignored? Read below.
If several times you felt ignored in my free chat, it means you ignored my message above and wasted too much of my time in free or you did not show any intention to have a private session. You can fix this by taking seriously what I wrote, leaving me a message you would like to have a private session and we will just get over the past. I don't usually ignore the members, unless they took advantage of my time and willingness or when it's obvious they are just going from one room to the other with no intention to have a pvt session, just killing their time and boredom.
Telling a model, after chatting with her in free chat for some time, when she realizes you have no tokens or intention to go pvt... "if you want, I will leave", doesn't show you are a good or polite guy; it only shows you beg her to allow you stay there for free... which doesn't match the meaning of the site. If a model, by politeness, will tell you... "it's ok, you don't have to leave", most of the times she will think exactly the opposite.

Let's be realistic, we buy what we can afford. We don't go in front of a brand shop telling them we would like some shoes but we only have  for some ordinary ones or even not at all.

It's not fair when you don't have what  offer  ask the other give you. You can do this sometimes with your family or close people. But, overall, a relation of any kind, especially between strangers, it must be a good match... that means... meeting in the mid-way, not one  give and the other  take.

Don't be selfish  think if you don't have  now, if you lost your job or whatever, a model should  you attention or even perform for free. You can beg for a bread when you don't have what  eat but it becomes pathetic when you try  trick or beg for pussy or getting a woman naked.
You do know your own problems, but did you ever think most probably she also has her own and this is why she is here? Do you think someone will expose themselves like this just so you can have fun, relax or killing your boredom for free?

I'm not here for the ones who are "just browsing", for the ones who are only looking  "making friends" by moving their home in models' free chat, for the ones who don't add tokens for months but keep browsing with no intention for a pvt. Use your brain and eyes and see where you are and learn to respect others if you don't do it already.

I don't like to ask, to beg, to repeatedly insist taking me pvt or tipping., it's embarrassing. We actually both know where we are, what are the main rules here, and I can't ask someone to be a gentleman if he is not. I can only elegantly suggest one-two times, but if this is not enough and my request is ignored, then will be useless to ask again... so, in time, this kind of person will be ignored by me.

What I do, what I like
Tell me what you like, what you are looking for, what you expect... it may be a thing I also enjoy. Don't expect me to read your mind and don't ask me what I'm into or what I like. Tell me your wishes and I will tell you if I can fulfill them... I'm an open-minded person, I like to enjoy myself in many ways and I will do my best to make you happy.

Sensual, passionate play...
It really turns me on to be admired, worshiped, pleased. I enjoy sensual play with gentlemen who knows how to please a woman and offer her a passionate orgasm... or even more than one... :P

I can be from sensual to passionate and wild... it depends on you.

Role Play
Want to role-play? Tell me your fantasy and let's get into it!

I'm also into domination play. So, if you are not vanilla but a submissive male looking for a Mistress, your place is in my private room.

Feminization / Sissification / Crossdressing / Sissy sluts
You go out in the real-world dressing and acting like a real man when you know that you are not and that is very unhealthy for you. Now I understand the practical reasons you dress like a man when you go out in public. You don't want to be stared at, you want to keep your job and your friends. You don't want to lose your life. But it is time you admit to yourself what you really are. You're not a real man.
So, if you want this inner conflict to stop and feel some real peace, well then you have to dress the part.
So, from now on, when you are home where you can be your true self, you're going to come to me and show me you dress like a woman. I want you try on all different types of lingerie, clothes, heels, stockings, panties, and in time, we'll figure out what you enjoy wearing most. And I promise you that you'll find it in time because you're not a real man.

I understand you; I can see deep inside your mind; I've been doing this for a long time.  It's for your own good. I'm doing this to help you.

Makeup lessons for my bitches to teach them how to be feminine.

Small Penis Humiliation / Tiny Dick Humiliation
Sex Toy Slave
JOI / CEI / Cum eaters
Strapon Domination
For the *****s who have Lovense toy, I can control it remotely.
Ballbusting / CBT
Face and Body Sitting, Smothering
Pussy and Ass Worshipers
Foot Domination / Foot fetish
Whipping / Spanking / Corporal punishments
Financial Domination / Paypigs / Blackmail / Team Viewer

What items, accessories, sex toys, outfits I have and can use for my sessions
-dildos, vibrators, strapons - from small to large sizes
-high heels - thigh high boots, shoes
-ankle high heel boots
-flat shoes
-nylons - both sheer and opaque stockings and pantyhose - black and skin color
-open crotch black pantyhose
-knee high socks
-several bras in various colors - black, white, teal blue, wine. Style: Classic, Push-Up, Lace, Sporty, Harness Cage Cupless
-plenty of panties. Fabric: lace, satin, cotton, spandex, nylon, polyester. Style: G-String, Thong, Tanga, Brazilian. Colors: black, white, skin color, pink, red, wine,  blue.
-some swimsuits (2 pieces) - Top type: triangle, bandeau, with ruffle. Bottom type: thong, brazilian.
-nightwear - nighties, pijamas, shorts
-various dresses - molded or not, short or long, with front buttons or not - elegant, sexy or summer dresses
-tops and skirts - black, white, pink, army - molded or not, strapless or not
-classy outfits - secretary like - knee pencil black skirt, blazer jacket
-front zipper leather dress - short
-leather pants
-leather skirt - short
-leather jacket
-long leather gloves
-collar, leash
You can ask for whatever is not listed here, I may have it.

I know some of the things I wrote above may be too harsh to the "ears" of some of you. I will not apologize for this, it's just the plain truth. And I know that a real man, an honest man, an intelligent man, will never feel offended and will most probably understand I'm right... so, if you are one of them, you are welcome to visit my room.

Thank you for taking the time to read my page.




It turns me on to be treated with respect, pampered and have the appreciation of a gentleman. This will definitely raise my mood.
I like to be pleased... in all the ways and... in all the parts of my body... and mind. :)

It really turns me on to be admired, worshiped.

It turns me on to be spoiled, a gift will put a smile on my face, will stimulate my fantasy, catch my attention.

Feel free to use virtual gifts or take a look at my Amazon Wishlist. Thanks!
Time wasters, cheap guys, beggars, selfish men.

Be a gentleman and don't waste my time! Everybody has something to do and a reason for it.

It turns me off also the guys who asks me what kind of stuff I do instead of reading my profile or telling me what they expect.

It turns me off the guys that only want to tell me their fantasies in free chat so they can jerk off for free. I think it's pathetic to do that. It only shows lack of respect for models' efforts and a complete lack of masculinity. A real man should take care of a woman, not to be a beggar or try to trick her to get free benefits.

It turns me off the guys who keep coming to my free chat daily, spending time just to tell me how much they love me and how much they care about me, but they never come pvt or send at least a tip.

Also the other ones who come just to kill their boredom and chat for free and they never have the intention to come pvt.
Guys, if you are one of those, please understand the meaning of this site. You can't tell you care someone when you don't show the minimum respect for their work and time. Here, to care or to love or to show appreciation has only one way... pvt or tips. If you really care about a model and you like her, don't make her waste her time in free chat with you. Just go pvt if you like her. She also has to pay bills and if she doesn't make money, chatting or showing virtual love or care will not help at all. If you don't want a pvt or you can't help, at least leave the other person do their job.

When you show you are a smart guy and you understood that, you show that you really care. That's mean, yes, you can get even more than you pay... because you are a gentleman and you deserve it.

Kinky Attributes
Ass Play, Dildos, Discipline, Domination, Foot, Hair Pulling, High Heels, Lace, Latex, Leather, Masturbation, Oral Fixation, Paddling/Spanking, Role Playing, Toys, Vibrators, Voyeurism, Whips, Ass Play, Alternative
Wish List

I really like the men who knows who to treat a woman, who like to pamper her with gifts and attention and show their appreciation, making her feeling special to them.

Some classy gentlemen who wanted to show their appreciation to me and preferred to do it in a more “real” manner than choosing a virtual girl, asked me what I would like to receive. So, to me it easier, I decided to add some items on my Amazon Wishlist... you can choose and pay for any of the items listed in the Amazon link found below. Don't worry about your privacy, none of the payment details or your real name will be disclosed to me or someone else... Amazon uses a secure payment gateway so your information will remain completely private, seen by nobody except yourself.


Surprise me with nice virtual GIFTS and I will surprise you with my smile, my sensuality, my good mood, my magnetism, my attention.  

or perhaps you want to take control remotely on my Lovense toy like Lush or Nora? Offer me one and we will both enjoy using it.

I love to add new virtual GIFTS to my collection, so, feel free to add whatever you may find suitable. I love to be surprised and have a new one that it’s not yet in my list, it just puts a big smile on my face. It will be greatly appreciated.
Make me your QUEEN and you will feel the way you want it...

If you enjoyed our time together, feel free to add a review on my page.

If you are not a member yet, follow this link and register now and become my favorite friend!
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